Security solution for your remote workforce during COVID-19.

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Security solution for your remote workforce during COVID-19.

As the world continues to respond to COVID-19. Organizations are sending employees home to work remotely. Allowing employees to access the company’s internal network from offsite locations raises concerns about data security.

Unfortunately, many business owners and system administrators don’t understand the requirements for robust remote access policy for on-premise and cloud-based security solutions. Access needs and practices are changing among all workers, not just remote employees, and professional guidance on the best implementation strategy is becoming essential to prevent serious problems like identity theft, data breaches, and data loss. Cybercriminals are ramping up their tactics to take advantage of those who may have inadequate security measures.

Virtual Private Networks(VPN) may be the least complicated to implement and enforce, as these networks don’t have the potential to compromise employee privacy and don’t restrict where remote employees can work. A VPN creates a secure connection between you and the internet. When you connect to the internet through a VPN, all your data traffic is sent through an encrypted virtual tunnel. Reliable VPNs offer end-to-end data encryption and shield IP addresses to increase security on all types of connections.

One of the most critical features that to consider is the protocols that the VPN provider makes available to users. Most VPN providers offer a choice between PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2/IPSEC and OpenVPN protocols. Protocol used by your VPN can make a significant difference as far as how truly safe and secure you are when you’re online.

Do you want to start using a VPN? AITREC implements VPN solutions for small and medium enterprises to secure all data communications and extend private network services while maintaining security.

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